Now You're Cooking with Fire!

Want to learn more about how the Cook Job works? You're in the right place!

To begin, every cook needs to have a Cook's Ladle in their inventory to cook any custom recipes. This includes both ingredient recipes and dish recipes. Without a Cook's Ladle custom cooking recipes will not work.

Once you have your Cook's Ladle there are 2 categories of recipes: Ingredients and Dishes.

Ingredients are exactly what it sounds like. They are custom ingredients that are used in some dishes. They cannot be turned into the Cook Trader on their own.

Dishes are the final result you are aiming for that can be turned into the Cook Trader for jobs money and xp (more on that below).

Ingredient Recipes

Dish Recipes

To get jobs $/xp submit completed dishes to the cook trader at /bars or use /cooktrader.
The amount of jobs $/xp is determined by the point of the brew and your cook level
To see cook points use /cooktrader list
Formula for $/xp is: Cook point X Craft Barrier (from /jobs info cook)

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