Difficulty: Hard

Max Party Size: 6

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Health: 2,400
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 25
[Starvation Aura - Passive] - Constantly inflicts Hunger to enemies nearby you and saturation's effectiveness is reduced.
[Nibble] - Bites the enemy dealing 4 true damage and healing 25 health.
[Starvation] - Absorbs the hunger bar of enemies nearby you healing yourself 100 health in the process.
[Hungering Maggots] - Summons maggots as the fight progresses. More maggots will spawn every time this skill is used.
[VERY HUNGRY...] - Becomes consumed by never ending hunger and enters a beserking state for 30 seconds
and doubling movement speed. Every melee attacked while in this state will suffer 1 true damage and you will be healed by 25 health.

Exclusive Drops:
- Curse of Famine
  • AoE attacks should be used to deal with the large amounts of maggots that will spawn while fighting Famine.
  • Famine will gain a massive movement speed boost when he enters his VERY HUNGRY state! Try to stay away from him while he is in this state!


Health: 2,650
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 20
[Will of Pestilence - Passive] - If you are inflicted with Slowness, Weakness or Wither. They will be reversed to aid you in battle with Speed, Strength and Resistance respectively.
[Poison Blast] - Shoots 8 poisonous projectiles around yourself. Each dealing 3 true damage and inflicting Poison V for 7 seconds.
[Eye Infection] - Inflicts Blindness for 15 seconds.
[Skin Infection] - Inflicts Wither III for 7.5 seconds to his target and Wither II for 12.5 seconds to enemies within 5 meters.
[Brain Infection] - Inflicts Nausea for 5 seconds to all enemies within 10 meters.
[Diseased Breath] - Unleashes the power of disease in a powerful breath that inflicts Wither, Weakness and Slowness. The damage of this attack increases if the enemy has more debuffs.

Exclusive Drops:
- Eye of Pestilence
  • Diseased Breath should be avoided at all costs as it will make quick work of anyone who attempts to take the hit.


Health: 3,000
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 20
Damage Modifiers:
- 35% extra damage taken from melee damage and skills
[Call of War! - Passive] - Periodically summons War's Foot Soldiers and War's Rangers to join in the fight while alive.
[War Blast] - Shoots a blast of war at the enemy dealing 3 true damage and setting enemies on fire.
[Flames of War] - Fires grenades into the air that land in a ring around him. Each one dealing 30 damage and setting enemies on fire.
[War Dash] - Target an enemy and prepares to dash at them. While dashing enemies nearby you take 15 damage per second and when you make contact with your target or your charge ends. You will deal 30 damage in an 6m range explosion.

Exclusive Drops:
- Heart of War
  • You shouldn't force War into a corner as he may use Flames of War and all of them will explode in the corner which can wipe your team!
  • War's minions should be kept at bay so that your team doesn't get overwhelmed.


Health: 3,200
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 20
Damage Modifiers:
- 10% extra damage taken from melee damage and skills
[Master of the Apocolapse - Passive] - Revives all 3 of his brothers upon starting the fight. Each one is weakened and uses only one of their attacks. Poison Blast, War Blast and Starvation respectively. He is idle and merely walks towards his target until all 3 of his brothers are defeated again. At which he absorbs their essences and gains Diseased Breath, Call of War! and Starvation.
[Death Orb] - Summons a death orb that chases after the nearest enemy. If the death orb makes contact with an enemy it will explode dealing 5 true damage and flinging enemies back. Also a Death Cloud will linger in the area for a short time afterwards damaging enemies who are in it. If Death is inside the Death Cloud, he will constantly heal health for as long as he remains within it.
[Soul Eater] - Pulls all enemies inwards then throws them outwards in an explosion dealing 5 damage and healing him 10 health per enemy hit.
[Kiss of Death] - Attacks his target by attempting to suck their soul out dealing 6 true damage.
[Cursed Aura] - Summons a cursed aura which constantly deals 1 true damage while it is active.
[The Evil Within] - Forces out the inner evil of his enemies to aid him in battle. The Doppelgangers will attack the enemy whom of which they are a copy of.

Exclusive Drops:
- Tome of Death
  • Death has a hefty arsenal of attacks of his own but what makes matters worse is that he also uses attacks from his brothers like Diseased Breath. Adjust your strategy accordingly to deal with them.
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