Enderius the Invincible

Difficulty: Mythic

Max Party Size: 10

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Enderian Construct Core

Health: 12,000
Armor Points: 2
Damage: 25
[Enderian Shield - Passive] - Becomes immune to all forms of damage while it's segments are alive.
[Void Orb - Passive] - Fires an occasional Void Orb at the closest enemy to him dealing 2 true damage every tick as it passes through enemies. Will only use this passive if all segments are alive.
[Void Orbs] - Fires 3 Void Orbs at the targeted enemy each dealing 2 true damage every tick as it passes through enemies. Will only use this skill if all segments have been destroyed.
[Reinforcements - Passive] - For each segment that is destroyed a Void Enderman will appear to protect the core against further enemy attacks.
[Void Reinforcements - Passive] - At 75% and 35% health summons 3 Void Endermen to assist it in battle.
  • Upon starting the battle with the Construct it will summon 6 segments. 2 Fireball, 2 Shockwave and 2 Beam segments. Each segment that is defeated will cause a Void Enderman to appear in the center of the arena. Defeating all segments renders the core vulnerable to attack. However, at this point it will jump down and begin attacking the enemies itself. Additionally at 75% and 35% health it will spawn 3 Void Endermen in the center of the arena to assist it in battle. It is highly suggested that all the endermen are dealt with before the core is destroyed.
  • You will only be able to attack the Beam and Fireball segments with ranged weapons. You can melee attack the Shockwave segments but this is considerably a risky thing to do.

Fireball Segment

Health: 3,250
Armor Points: 6
Damage: 0 (Uses special attack only)
[Fireball Fire] - Fires 3 deadly fireballs at the enemy that violently explode knocking them back and dealing 9 damage.
  • While their damage doesn't pose much of a threat it should be taken into consideration that they can knock you into Beam segment beam and Shockwave's Shockslam attacks. Keep this in mind if you are targeted by this segment.

Beam Segment

Health: 3,250
Armor Points: 6
Damage: 0 (Uses special attack only)
[Void Beam] - Fires a deadly beam at it's target dealing massive damage if the beam make contact with it's target.
  • Considered the most deadly of all the segments this segment can easily take you down more than half of your health. It is highly suggested that if the beam is targeting you that you stay away from your teammates as the beam could hit them too. If in the case you have both beam segments after you, keep on the move to the beams will not kill you.

Shockwave Segment

Health: 3,250
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 0 (Uses special attack only)
[Shockslam] - Slams the ground causing a deadly shockwave to go across the ground dealing deadly damage to enemies caught in it.
[Shock Vent - Passive] - Upon casting Shockslam it will vent the excess kinetic energy around it dealing 8 true damage to enemies nearby it.
  • These segments should usually be dealt with as soon as possible as they limit the amount of space you have to run while the other segments are still alive. They are easy to get to and can be melee attacked. Be mindful of the Shock Vent passive should you choose to attack them with melee attacks.

Void Enderman

Health: 2,600
Armor Points: 2
Damage: 27
[Void Teleport - Passive] - Randomly teleports around your target every 8 seconds with a 30% chance for the teleport to fail.
[Void Reclaim - Passive] - Gets reclaimed by the void upon dying spawning 4 Creeping Voids to continue to attack after you die.
[Void Slash] - Claws at the target with void energy dealing 7 true damage and inflicting Wither II for 10 seconds. Additionally heals you for 50 health.
  • Void Endermen can pose a threat in large numbers especially if you have multiple attacking you at once due to their Void Slash attack which can easily cripple or you and your teammates in your party. It is best to divide the attention of the Void Endermen so multiple of them are not attacking a single person. This is especially important if the person being attacked is the person tanking Enderius himself.
  • Void Endermen should be dealt with as soon as possible when they appear. Especially when Enderius himself begins to attack as they can knock you off into the void due to the missing tiles.

Unstable Void Enderman

Health: 2,000
Armor Points: 2
Damage: 27
[Unstable Void Teleport - Passive] - Teleports to their target if they get too far away.
[Void Detonate - Passive] - After 30 seconds violently explodes dealing 10 true damage and high knockback.
  • Unstable Void Endermen pose a significant threat to your entire party and should be dealt with as quickly as possible as their explosion could easily cause some of your team to be flung into the void which ultimately kills them.
  • The explosion of an Unstable Void Enderman will ignore boots that have the Heavy enchant on them.
  • If you are unable to get rid of an Unstable Void Enderman and detonation is imminent you should hug a wall or get as far away from it as you can to reduce the risk of it knocking you off and out of the arena. Dash can be useful for getting away from an exploding Unstable Void Enderman but use with caution as you may just end up dashing into a hole and fall to your death.
  • Another viable strategy is that if the Unstable Void Enderman is following you. Go to a part of the arena that is still there that is away from your teammates and deal with him there. You can also let him explode there to minimize the damage he can cause to your team.
  • While it isn't suggested, you can use the explosion of the Unstable Void Enderman to propel yourself across gaps in the arena due to Enderius destroying tiles.

Void Crystal

Health: 1,400
Armor Points: 2
Damage: 0 (Uses special attack only)
[Enderian Blessing - Passive] - Heals Enderius 5 health per second while alive.
[Crystal Void Bolt] - Fires a Special Void Bolt at the enemy that deals 5 true damage and inflicts Slowness III for 10 seconds.
  • It is advised to deal with the Void Crystals in a timely manor, while they arn't too much of a threat themselves. Up to 6 will spawn during Enderius' fight and will support him while in battle spawning in the locations where previous Enderian Construct segments were.
  • If a Void Crystal is targeting you beware that the debuff that they inflict could mean the difference between being able to get off a tile in time before it falls and dying because of being to slow to do so.

Enderius the Invincible

Health: 65,000
Armor Points: 2
Damage: 30
[Expose Weaknesses - Passive] - Enderius can see through his enemy's defenses and all special attacks will inflict true damage.
[Enderian Versatility - Passive] - Every 2 minutes gains a permanent level of the Strength debuff. Upon hitting 10 stacks (20 minutes) he will enter Overpower Mode.
[Uneven Ground - Passive] - Every 20 seconds destroys 3 tiles in his arena. This increases up to a maximum of 5 tiles as his health decreases.
[Void's Revenge - Passive] - Upon hitting a tile switch to regenerate a color of tile gains a stack of Void's Revenge. Upon hitting 8 stacks he will cast Void Annihilation.
[Void's Punch - Passive] - All regular melee attacks deal increased knockback.
[Void Annihilation] - Upon hitting 8 stacks of Void's Revenge he uses this attack. Removing all beneficial effects on the enemies and dealing 1,200 damage to instantly kill them. This attack cannot be avoided and will end the fight.
[Void Devastation] - Upon being [Shift + Right Clicked] triggers Void Devastation which deals massive damage and inflicts deadly debuffs as well as healing him. The damage of this attack and strength of the debuffs will increase according to the stacks of Void's Revenge. However, the healing he receives decreases as Void's Revenge gets higher. Using this attack resets his Void's Revenge stacks to 0.
[Void Slash] - Slashes at the enemy with deadly void energy dealing 7 true damage, inflicting Wither II for 10 seconds, and healing himself 50 health.
[Void Bolt] - Fires a bolt made of void energy at the enemy dealing 5 true damage and inflicting Slowness III for 10 seconds.
[Void Control] - Focuses a large amount of void energy into his body then discharges it in a deadly explosion dealing 15 true damage and inflicting Weakness III for 20 seconds. Additionally stuns enemies nearby the blast for 3 seconds and silences them for 20 seconds.
[Void Bolt Barrage] - Fire 3 Void Bolts at the enemy in quick succession.
[Call of the Enderman] - At 75%, 50% and 25% health summons 3 Void Endermen and 2 Void Crystals to aid him in battle.
[Void Destabilization] - At 65%, 40% and 15% health summons an Unstable Void Enderman to attack his enemies.
  • Keep an eye on the tiles when Enderius destroys them. There will be a warning sign above tiles that are about to be destroyed.
  • You can only repair ONE color of tile at a time. So choose wisely which Tile Switch a teammate will hit to maximize the amount of recovered tiles and minimize Void's Revenge stacks.
  • Keep an eye on his Enderian Versatility stacks. If your team takes too long to defeat him he will enter Overpower Mode and end the fight by 1 shotting your teammates.
  • As the tank you should use Heavy boots when fighting Enderius as to counter his Void's Punch passive so he doesn't knock you off his arena and into the void.
  • Enderius can silence you and your team members which prevents them from using any skills till the silence is up. Also cleansers will not remove this effect!

Minion Drops

Possible Drops:
- Dungeon Key Fragment x1
- Gold Coin x4-6
- Legendary Essence x1
- Transcendent Essence x1
- Crystal x1
- Fragment x1
- Book Of Tomes x2-4
- Experience Points 35-50

Enderius Drops

Guaranteed Drops:
- Dungeon Key Fragment x1-3
- Sealed Challenge Token x1
- Fragment x1
- Mythic Bottle x1
- Relic Coin x1
- Repair Gem x1-2
- Experience Points 1500-2000

Cache Drops

Possible Drops:
- Dungeon Key Fragment x10-15
- Greater Health Booster x1
- Agility Booster x1
- Silver Coin x80-110
- Gold Coin x40-65
- Mythic Coin x35-55
- Relic Coin x6-8
- Legendary Essence x20-40
- Transcendent Essence x10-20
- Mythic Essence x7-10
- Relic Essence x2-5
- Crystal x100-140
- Fragment x6-8
- Soul Gem x45-70
- Light Dust x35-50
- Experience Points 1000-1500

Possible Rares Drops:
- Divine Relic x1
- Enderian Voidplate
- Xenon Arbiter
- Nova Star
- [Invincible] Title
- Enderius Disguise Token
  • You should always designate someone as the tank in your party to keep Enderius occupied while your team attacks him. Additionally you should also designate someone as a switcher to hit Tile Switches whenever necessary.
  • You should join a voice call with your team so that you can communicate for when Enderius is about to destroy tiles (called Tile Calling) and when you have to prepare for certain attacks like Void Devastation or Void Control.
  • There are 3 Tile Switches you and your team have to manage. Black, Magenta and Pink. Hitting one regenerates the destroyed tiles of that color however this also puts all the other switches on cooldown for 15 seconds.
  • It is highly suggested to use Health Boosters when fighting Enderius himself as it gives you the extra health you need to endure his powerful attacks. You should also bring other consumables with you like Cleansers and Medi-kits.
  • Enderius will NEVER switch targets during his boss fight until either he is defeated or his target dies. The tank should take advantage of this and lure Enderius away from the party if he is about to perform a deadly attack or trigger Void Devastation if his Void's Revenge stacks get too high.
  • Enderius at one point was going to have a Void Orb Beam attack which would spawn an orb in the center of the arena fire a laser that slowly rotates. This idea was eventually scrapped due to the fact it would make the boss fight nearly impossible to beat.
  • Enderius the Invincible's name is a reference to the popular RPS (Role Playing Shooter) series Borderlands.
  • Enderius has received the most nerfs and buffs of any boss on the server to the point where it's become a frequently poked at joke when he will be nerfed/buffed again.
  • Enderius has the most rare drops of any Challenge Boss (6 rare drops). Additionally his rare drops are considered the strongest current drops on the Dungeons server.
  • Enderius is considered the most difficult boss on the Dungeons server.
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