Custom Items

On Maestrea, we have our fair share of custom items. Some of those custom items are crafted. You can find the recipes using /ccraft. Here are the items you will see listed in the crafting GUI:

Consumable Recipes

Shady Bottles

Shady bottles are used to access tiered loot. The higher the tier, the better loot it can give.








Silky Thread

Silky Thread is used to repair Elytras.

Arcane Scrubbers

Arcane scrubbers are used to remove useless enchants off of items.

Infernal Scrubbers

Infernal Scrubbers serve the same purpose as Arcane Scrubbers, but give you enchanted books of the removed enchants.

Grappling Hook

Right click to launch yourself in that direction once attached.

Glimmering Furnace

Smelting ores in the glimmering furnace can yield Crystals! (The crystal will be dispersed on top of the furnace if one procs to drop, top advice would be to have a max level hopper nearby to pickup said crystals)