Custom Items:

Repair Gems: Used to repair tools/weapons/armor. Right click the gem, and then right click the gear.
Silky Thread: Can be used to repair an Elytra (Has a chance to fail).
Fatal Bookmark: Separates a book with multiple vanilla enchants into several books.
Fragment: Can be used to craft relics and other custom items.
Light Dust: Gives you Haste. Can be crafted using 8 Soul Gems and 1 Repair Gem.
Book of Tomes: Gives a random level enhancement scroll.
Essence: 8 of the same essence create a tiered shady bottle.
Iron Giant's Heart: Has a chance to add a heart of life to an item. Has a chance of failing.
Grappling Hook: Right click to launch yourself in that direction once attached.
Clay Head: Right click to create a copy of your skin's head.
Arcane Scrubber: Used to remove useless enchantments from an item.
Infernal Scrubber: Removes useless enchants and turns them into a book for you.

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