Basic Island Commands

/is previewPreview starter islands
/is createCreates a new Island
/is deleteDeletes your island
/is setspawnSet your Island Teleport Location
/is inviteInvite a player to live on your island
/is coopPlay in Coop in your island
/is & /islandOpens Island Control Panel
/is go & /is tpTeleports you to your island
/is VisitVisit other islands
/is upgradeOpens Island Upgrade Menu
/is leaderboardDisplays Top Islands
/is challengeView Island challenges to complete
/is open & /is closeToggle island public acess
/is bankOpens the island bank menu
/is voteVote for the island

Other Commands

CommandUsageAccess at which rank?
/rulesShows the rules of the server!Fallen
/tpaSends a request to teleport to a specified playerFallen
/tpahereSends a request for that player to teleport to youLightweight
/balShows your balanceFallen
/buyBrings up the categories of items you can buy from the Maestrea storeFallen
/voteDisplays commands you can use for voting on our serverFallen
/bpOpens your backback (extra storage)Fallen
/boostersShows the currently activated boostersFallen
/trailsAccess the trails you have bought on the Maestrea store or in-game!Fallen
/chatcolorOpens a menu that allows you to change your chatcolorFallen
/enchantsDisplays the server's custom enchants and what they doFallen
/disguiseShows your current disguisesFallen
/flyToggles your fly!Zephyr
/gfFixes ghost blocksFallen
/ifFilters out items from entering your inventoryFallen
/hdbGet custom heads from the Head Database!Fallen
/hoppercountCheck how many hoppers there are in your local vicinityFallen
/iteminfoShows information on the item that you are holdingFallen
/payPays a player the amount of money specifiedFallen
/rankShows your rank, playtime, and moreFallen
/ranksShows the ranks available in-gameFallen
/titlePick from the titles you own and click on one to display it in chatFallen
/reRefreshes enchantments on an itemFallen
/uptimeShows how long the server has been up since the last server restartFallen
/homeView your current homes setFallen
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