First Day on Skyblock!

Hello and welcome to your new adventure on Maestrea Skyblock!

So what is the first thing you should do after joining the skyblock server? Check out the islands of course!

Use /is preview to take a look at all the starting islands you can choose from! (Note this only works BEFORE you create your first island. This command is no longer available after an island is created.)

Once you find a starting island you like, use /is create and pick your chosen island! Your island will generate and your adventure in the skies shall begin!

So what now? Well now begins a long journey. One of the key differences you'll find on our skyblock server is jobs. You'll want to pick 2 as soon as possible to start earning money to rank up. Use /jobs browse to look through the available jobs and /jobs join (jobname) to join!

When you first join, you can have up to 2 jobs, and you are able to get more jobs as you level up your ranks. Your third job can be obtained at the rank “Stormy” and your fourth job slot at rank “Gale”

Now you've got some money be sure to check out /shop to get all the blocks you need for expanding your island!

Note that duping is forbidden even on skyblock. You'll want to buy the blocks or use a cobble generator rather than attempting to dupe blocks.

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