Skyblock has 26 Unique Ranks to go through culminating in the much coveted Zephyr and their ability to fly unaided by flight boots!

Rank Title Homes/Jobs Commands/Other Cost
Fallen2 Jobs $0
Lightweight tpa here, auc, 2 bp rows$500
Flightless if, trash$1,500
Skyhopper2 home3 bp rows$4,500
Wretched showitem (player), hoppercount$7,500
Natural condense, hat$10,000
Harpy ptime, count$17,000
Breezy command signs$25,000
Cloud workbench, recipe$32,000
Stormy3 Homes4 bp rows$48,500
Moonwalker3 Jobs $62,000
Blizzard crusher$75,000
Tempest show -all$93,000
Astronaut 5 bp rows$132,500
Gale4 JobsBottle XP$175,000
Lunar Combine Scrolls$200,000
Thunder nick$240,000
Martian4 Homes6 bp rows$310,000
Flurry kit diamond, credits$440,000
Typhoon unname$500,000
Galactic nick colors, /color$616,000
Skylark disenchant, enderchest$780,000
Celestial Disguise: Snowman, Disguise: Pig, Disguise: Chicken$1,050,000
Exosphere autosort$1,320,000
Tranquility sun, rain, Disguise: Enderman$1,760,000
Zephyr fly$2,100,000

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