Skyblock has a well balanced economy, but everyone needs to make money somehow, right? We have 10 Jobs for you to choose from and use to get some money!

The Alchemist job is based around using brewing stands to make Vanilla potions. The money comes from the ingredients you brew, not the actual potion, though!

The Blacksmith job is based around using McMMo repair to repair items, smelting of ores, and crafting of armor and weapons.

The Cook job is based around smelting or crafting food items!

The Enchanter job is based around enchanting items! Every item and enchantment will pay out differently, so it is definitely a unique job to have!

The Farmer job is based around using farms of all types to make your money! Anything from Wheat to even flowers are included there.

The Fisherman job is based around catching and cooking fish!

The Lumberjack job is based around chopping down trees to make money. It is compatible with McMMo's Tree Feller (at a reduced rate). You also get paid for replanting your farms/planting saplings!

The Merchant job is based around trading with villagers.

The Miner job is based around mining stones and ores for money. You also get paid for smelting stone and breaking some other blocks, too (such as End Stone).

The Shaman job is based around killing mobs. Everything from sheep to the Ender Dragon! Slay them and get paid!

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