Crates come in many different tiers, Vote → Common → Uncommon → Rare → Mythic → Maestrean. Crates hold unique prizes from titles to even donation store vouchers! The crates can be opened using keys, which have varying levels of rarity. Keys can be received through voting, daily/weekly chest, daily bonus, or you can purchase them from the Shady Trader!

There are also two more crates, supporter and premium. Keys for these crates can be obtained through buying them on the Maestrea store.

To open a crate, click on it whle holding the crate's key.

Crates are located at the /crates warp.

This is the only crate NOT located at the /crates warp. Rather this is given to all online players whenever the server hits a vote goal. Vote party crates require no key to open. Simply click them into the air to get your prize!

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