Archaic Relics

Archaic Relics are currently regarded as one of the strongest tiers on Maestrea. They have 4 rarities that act like tiers, with an additional tier that can be made with Archaics of other tiers.

You can craft them in the custom crafting menu with 8 Archaic Shards. Archaic Shards can be obtained by crushing Relics. When you crush a Relic you have a small chance to get an Archaic Shards (a noise will play, particles will show up, and the shard will drop on the ground).

There are 4 main rarities, Standard, Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra. Each tier is rarer and stronger than the previous ones. There is also Harmonized Archaic Relics which can be crafted in the custom crafting menu with 3 of the same Standard Archaic Relic or 2 of the same Uncommon Archaic Relic, with the exception of Archaic charms (discontinued). Strength wise, these Harmonized Archaic Relics are regarded as similar strength to Rare Archaic Relics.

Archaic Ultra

Vengeance of the Fallen Sun

Mythic Legacite Scythe
Angelic Legacite Scimitar
Demonic Legacite Hatchet

Heavy Boots
Spite of Oblivion
Cursed Dragon Head
Slow n Steady

Angelic Bow
Dwarven Warhammer
Wither Bane
Reinforced Wings
The Chipper

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