Custom Crafting Recipes

On Maestrea, we have our fair share of titles. Some of those tiles are crafted. You can find the Crafter NPC at /spawn, or use /ccraft at Squire rank, to access the crafting GUI. Some titles will require you to go to Dungeons and use the Crater NPC in the Dungeons spawn area. Here are the craftable titles:

Soulless can be crafted or bought a the Events Trader in Spawn. It costs the same from both sources.

Bright can be crafted from light dust.

Librarian can be crafted from Libraries of Tomes

Rival can be crafted from Event Eggs obtained by winning weekly events

Ninja title is a title crafted from the rewards for completing Shady's Parkour.

Apocalyptic Title is a title crafted using drops from the Apocalypse Challenge Boss.

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