Runes and Scrolls

Runes and Scrolls allow you to customize your weapons, tools and armor by increasing both Custom and Vanilla Enchantments on them. Whether you're a risk taking gambler or prefer a more calculated approach for a slightly higher investment, there are options available that suit your style. So let's explore these in more detail, shall we?

Standard Rune ExampleGreater Rune Example

Runes are the items to use to apply and/or increase Custom Enchaments on your gear. With over seventy to choose from you're guaranteed to find something you like for whatever purpose you desire.

Each Rune you apply to an item will fill an empty socket, so there is a limit to how much you can upgrade. Socket Chisels will now only add up to three Sockets to an item, and for old items with additional Sockets those are now unsable meaning all items will be capped at three usable Sockets. Runes will also have a maximum Custom Enchantment level you can reach which you can find on the Rune Custom Enchanting page.

As shown in the pictures above, there are two versions of Runes available on Maestrea - Standard Runes (Rune of Ice) and Greater Runes (Greater Rune of Ice) with a method to upgrade the former to the latter detailed further down. These enable you to add either one or two levels of their Custom Enchantment per Socket (respecting the max levels).

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Runes available, so they have been split into colored groups based on their general purpose. This has been done both for a clear visual separation between Rune types, but also so you can use Runic Ciphers (detailed further down) to get a specific color of Rune if you know what sort of functionality you're looking for.

The colors and purposes of the Runes are as follows:

  • Gray Runes: Defense (Healing and tank Enchantments such as: Shield, Paladin's Cleansing and Lifesteal)
  • Red Runes: Offense (Damaging Enchantments such as: Blaze, Area Withering and Molten)
  • Green Runes: Working (Job related Enchantments such as: Angler, Drilling and Excavation)
  • Golden Runes: Utility (Generally helpful Enchantments such as: Dash, Crystaline and Experienced)
  • Violet Runes: Summoning (Summoning Enchantments such as: Necromancer, Werewolf and Guards)
  • Blue Runes: Misc. Combat (Non-damaging combat Enchantments such as: Shatter, Slowness and Levitation)
  • White Runes: Special (Strong or unique Enchantments such as: Lightweight, Fireworks and Well Fed)

One final note for this section: some Runes will be more or less common than others. This reflects the Custom Enchantment rarity that already exists on the server.

Catalyst example

Catalysts will be the item you use to upgrade your Standard Rune to its Greater version to apply two levels of a Custom Enchantment rather than one. You can craft these by using the /ccraft command where you will also find the recipe of required ingredients.

Scroll Example

Scrolls are the items to use to apply and/or increase Vanilla Enchantments on your gear. These work in a very similar way to Runes in that each Scroll will take up a Socket on your item to increase an Enchantment by one level, though there is no Greater versions of these.

Also, similarly to Runes, some Scrolls will be more or less common than others. You can find additional information about this on the Scrolls wiki page.

Arcane Scrubber exampleInfernal Scrubber example

As explained in the lore, each Scrubber is responsible for cleansing your item of either Runes (Infernal Scrubber) or Scrolls (Arcane Scrubber). These are applied in the same way as all other Custom Items, simply right click them on the item you wish to scrub.

These Scrubbers will completely remove the Rune or Scroll from your item, so the Sockets become available again but you do lose the benefits (increased levels) as well. As the name might imply, scrubbing will destroy the Runes and Scrolls so you won't get them back after removal, but as the Compendiums and Grimoires shall be relatively common, it's not going to be a huge hit to your balance.

Runic Compendium exampleForbidden Grimoire example

Runic Compendiums are a complete replacement from the old Book of Tomes item, so you are able to trade Books in with /ccraft to get Runic Compendiums instead. Forbidden Grimoires are a rework of an old item, to get these replaced please make a ticket on our /discord and an Admin will be able to do that for you.

Compendiums will drop one random Rune of a random color, to limit this to a random Rune of a specific color you can combine five Compendiums to a specific Cipher in /ccraft, this will allow you to taget specific funtionality much more easily. Grimoires will drop one random Scroll, there are no colors or categories for these but there are significantly fewer Scrolls available.

Both of these items will also be made available in crates, voting and daily rewards among others in future to allow new Runes and Scrolls to enter the economy for use.

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