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Basic Commands

Throughout Maestrea, you will use quite a few commands while you play, and some of those commands are either necessary, or extremely helpful.

CommandUsageAccess at which rank?
/rulesShows the rules of the server!Newcomer
/resShows information about playersNewcomer
/tpaSends a request to teleport to a specified playerNewcomer
/tpahereSends a request for that player to teleport to youPeasant
/balShows your balanceNewcomer
/buyBrings up the categories of items you can buy from the Maestrea storeNewcomer
/voteDisplays commands you can use for voting on our serverNewcomer
/bpOpens your backback (extra storage)Newcomer
/fishDisplays the commands for the custom fishing competition pluginNewcomer
/bountyDisplays bounty commandsNewcomer
/boostersShows the currently activated boostersNewcomer
/trailsAccess the trails you have bought on the Maestrea store or in-game!Newcomer
/chatcolorOpens a menu that allows you to change your chatcolorNewcomer
/enchantsDisplays the server's custom enchants and what they doNewcomer
/scrollsDisplays a list of all scrolls and what they doNewcomer
/disguiseShows your current disguisesNewcomer
/flyToggles your fly!Mythic
/gfFixes ghost blocksNewcomer
/ifFilters out items from entering your inventoryNewcomer
/hdbGet custom heads from the Head Database!Newcomer
/hoppercountCheck how many hoppers there are in your local vicinityNewcomer
/iteminfoShows information on the item that you are holdingNewcomer
/kitOpens a menu to claim your available kitsNewcomer
/mailboxSend and claim items between towny and dungeonsNewcomer
/mworkerShows commands regarding Maestrean WorkersNewcomer
/payPays a player the amount of money specifiedNewcomer
/rankShows your rank, playtime, and moreNewcomer
/ranksShows the ranks available in-gameNewcomer
/titlePick from the titles you own and click on one to display it in chatNewcomer
/reRefreshes enchantments on an itemNewcomer
/uptimeShows how long the server has been up since the last server restartNewcomer
/brewtraderOpens a menu that you can put brews into to gain levels for the brewer jobNewcomer
/homeView your current homes setNewcomer
/prestigeShows prestige perksNewcomer
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