Shop Commands

The Shops warp has shops player can rent to sell their items. If you plan on renting a shop to sell your goods, here are a few commands you may want to know:

  • /as help - Shows a help page, and more in-depth information on the shop commands.
  • /as rent - Rent a shop
  • /as unrent - Unrent a shop
  • /as me - Check which shop you own
  • /as info - Get information on other shops
  • /as tp <shop id> - Teleports you to a specific shop
  • /as settp - Allows you to set the teleport location of your shop
  • /as addfriend <playername> - Allows you to add a friend to your shop
  • /as delfriend <playername> - Remove a friend from your shop
  • /as find - Easy way to find an empty shop
  • /shopscan -Holding an item and using this command or typing /shopscan (item name), will scan the entire market and show you where these items can be bought or sold, and at what as tp's they are located.
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