Warp Commands

Many places on Maestrea are warped to, which allows easier access to helpful places, here are the warping commands:

  • /rtp - Randomly teleport anywhere in a given world (N/A in Shop or in Private Worlds)
  • /tut - In-game tutorial area located at spawn. We highly recommend you checking it out, as it holds much information.
  • /pw - Brings up a GUI that allows you to warp to player-bought warps
  • /resource - Teleports you to our resource world spawn
  • /shady - Teleports you to where our Shady Trader appears!
  • /shop - Teleports you to the shop area
  • /spawn - Teleports you back to spawn
  • /warp - Teleports you to a few set warps

/warp locations

  • Bars - Where most of our gambling plugins reside, including jackpot, as well as the Supporter and Premium Crates
  • Shop - The shop area
  • Fixer - The Item Fixer, who will fix items that don't seem to work properly
  • Shady - Where the Shady Trader appears
  • Resource - Resource world spawn
  • Blocks - Our block breaking plugin (Break blocks for rewards!)
  • Dungeons - The NPC who will warp you to Dungeons + The Dungeon Trader
  • PVPArena - The PVP Arena
  • Head Reaper - The NPC for the Head Database
  • Crates - The Crates for our custom keys!
  • Tutorial - Our Tutorial
  • ResourceNether - A Nether in which you can mine to your heart's content!
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