What are mWorkers?

Workers earn job xp and money for you. They must be paid dungeon coins to work. They do not work while you are offline. How much they earn is based on your jobs level for the job they are working.

How do I get an mWorker?

You can buy and manage them with /mworker

How much do they cost?

They cost 100k each and you must have (100 total jobs levels) x (Total number of Workers) to purchase them.

Meaning for 1 worker you must have 100+ active jobs levels to purchase it, 200+ active jobs levels to buy the second worker, etc.

Why is my worker not paying me?

First make sure they have time remaining in the /mworker menu. If they are out of dungeon coins you will need to pay them again for them to continue working.

Then check that you have the job they are working active. You must keep that job active in order to continue earning xp and money.