Yes! You can get spawners of your own on Maestrea! You can mine spawners found on towny worlds, get them from some crates, buy them from other players, and sometimes win them in giveaways!

How do I mine a Spawner?

To mine a spawner in the towny worlds, you need a pick with silk touch and Lord+ or Demigod+

Additionally the Crystal Merchant sells some limited use picks that anyone can use to silk touch a specific spawner.

Can I change what type of spawner it is?

Yes! To change a spawner type simply click the spawner with a spawn egg.

Why can't I place this spawner?

To help server performance spawners are limited to 8 per chunk

I can't mine spawners in Resource?

No, only spawners in towny worlds can be mined. Spawners in resource worlds turn into gold blocks when mined.

Passive Mobs and Sea Lanterns!

Sea lanterns will push passive mobs West when placed near spawners. This can be immensely helpful when building grinders!