What is Towny?

Towny is the plug in we use to claim land and protect it from being griefed.

You can find Towny's website here!

How does Towny Work?


  • To create a town, it costs 5,000 and the traveller rank is required.
  • Towns can be used to claim areas for you and your friends.
  • As a mayor, which is the owner of the town, you can toggle certain things such as PVP, mobs, fire, etc.
  • Towns need money every day, the upkeep, in order to remain a town. It is a flat rate of $10 per plot per real life day. This money is taken from the town bank.


  • To create a nation, you have to be the mayor of a town.
  • Nations are groupings of towns.
  • Joining and creating a nation will give bonuses, such as extra town claims.
  • Nations require money every day to remain an existing nation. Money can be deposited into the bank with /n deposit [amount]