Towny FAQ

Towny is essentially a plugin that allows for the management of land and protection of goods. With a built-in economy system, Towny allows players to work together or against however they want. (You can find more details about this plugin here!)

Towny uses many aspects of player-progression during gameplay, such as ranks, jobs, custom items and much more, adding everything together creates a community driven economy where players can acquire items from other players and co-operate towards similar ideals.

  • A town is an ensemble of one or more residents, one of them being the mayor, a town requires paying the upkeep costs of every plot of land the town owns, once upkeep is unable to be paid, the settlement will fall, and every claimed chunk of land will become accessible to everyone.
  • (Land upkeep begins every day at noon, Eastern Standard Time.)
  • Being the owner of a town, you can toggle certain features such as PvP, mob spawning, fire spread etc.
  • A nation is a collection of towns or even a single town, with one settlement as a capitol, the mayor of that capital is the ruler. Nations have bonuses, such as increased outposts and plots capacity.

There are different types of residents, each play a major role within Maestrea’s community.


Nomads are players who are not part of any towns, they do not have permissions to claim land.


Every player can become residents of any towns; Residents have access to /resident which will prompt a menu screen for options and configs.


Mayors can run towns, apply taxes, manage lands and the residents of their towns.

How do I start a town?

- Founding a town requires the rank [Traveller], it costs 5,000$ to create a town.

- You can invite anyone to your town, granted they are not currently in a town, once they join, they will be able to purchase plots of lands that you can designate by doing /plot forsale [amount] (on a plot that your town owns)

- You can set tax for residents of your town, you can do so by running the command /t set tax (amount) [this will be the daily amount of taxes removed from player’s balance]

- When a town is created, there is an initial limit of 8* plots able to be claimed, however, that limit can be increased through crate rewards, joining a nation and ranking up.

- You may create outposts that are outside of your town, these outposts takes plot slots and costs money to upkeep just like normal plots, the only differences between outposts and towns is that outposts are not attached to the plots of the original town, and that there are a limit on how many outposts there can be per town.

How do I join a town?

- Joining a town is free and has no pre-requisites prior to joining any, you can do so by asking other players and looking through the public town advertisements on the forums, once invited you can run the command /t join (town)
- As a resident of a town, you can purchase one or multiple plot of lands within the town, that area is protected and even the mayor cannot modify your land, plot prices may vary depending of the mayor’s price

What are ruins?

- Ruins were originally towns that could not pay their upkeep, resulting in their fall, ruins are unprotected and everything within is accessible to everyone.

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