First Day on Maestrea!

Hello and welcome to your new adventure on Maestrea!

When you first login you should be sent to our Hub. To pick a server either

  1. Walk into the giant portal in the lobby.
  2. Click the compass and choose a Server
  3. Type out /Masestrea, /Elyssia, or /Dungeons

Once you join a server it would be best to choose your jobs! To view all the jobs available to the server use the command:

/jobs browse

To join a job use:

/jobs join (job name)

When you first join, you can have up to 2 jobs, and you are able to get more jobs as you level up your ranks. Your third job can be obtained at the rank “Squire” and your fourth job slot at rank “Sage”. You can get even more job slots as you rank up through Prestige ranks!

After joining jobs you have another decision to make:

  1. Join a town to store your stuff or
  2. Start saving up money to buy your own town

Should you choose the second option, it is ok to have a house built in the wild, just make sure to

/sethome (name)

Note: Player builds in the wilderness are subject to griefing so it's best to join or make a town as soon as possible