Maestrea has 26 Unique Ranks to go through, and 3 Prestiges on top of that. That is plenty of ranks to go through, and it will take quite a long time.

To rank up use /rankup

To get to the next prestige level you'll need to be a Rank Mythic then use /prestige

Note: Prestiging resets job levels!

Rank Title Homes/Jobs Commands/Other Cost
Newcomer1 home/2 Jobs $0
Peasant tpa here, auc, 2 bp rows$500
Scavenger if, trash$800
Traveler2 homet new$1,250
Civilian showitem (player), hoppercount,
3 bp rows
Trader condense, hat$2,500
Merchant ptime, count, craft$3,400
Guard3 home $4,600
Squire 4 bp rows$6,100
Warrior3 Jobsshowslot$8,350
Sentinel kit iron, crusher$10,700
Paladin4 homeshowitem -a$14,500
Cheiftain recipe, 5 bp rows$19,500
Sage bottle get, Disguise: Chicken$27,000
Elder4 Jobs $39,000
Regent5 home $55,000
Crusader nick, reroll relics, Disguise: Pig$75,000
Warlock 6 bp rows$115,000
Guardian kit diamond, credits$175,000
Duke nick colors, color$300,000
Earl Disguise: Zombie$440,000
Legend disenchant, enderchest$625,000
Demigod silk spawners, Disguise: Snowman$875,000
Immortal autosort$1,500,000
Titan sun, rain, Disguise: Enderman$2,300,000
Mythic fly$3,400,000

Rank TitleHomes/JobsCommands/Other
Newcomer6 Jobs20% $ Bonus, 10% XP Bonus$0
Peasant6 home $625
Scavenger7 home $1,000
Traveler8 home $1,562
Civilian9 home $2,250
Trader10 home $3,125
Merchant11 home $4,250
Guard12 home $5,750
Squire13 home $7,625
Warrior14 home $10,437
Sentinel15 home $13,375
Paladin16 home $18,125
Cheiftain edit signs$24,375
Sage17 home $33,750
Elder18 home $48,750
Regent 10 ah slots$68,750
Crusader infinite grapple$93,750
Warlock double elevator distance$143,750
Guardian up$218,750
Duke sell hand$375,000
Earl deposit all$550,000
Legend $781,250
Demigod quick deposit$1,093,750
Immortal bright$1,875,000
Titan flyspeed$2,875,000
Mythic Disguise: Spooky Skeleton$4,250,000

Rank TitleHomes/JobsCommands/Other
Newcomer8 Jobs40% $ Bonus, 20% XP Bonus$0
Peasant $750
Scavenger19 home $1,200
Traveler20home $1,875
Civilian21 home $2,700
Trader toggle mobs$3,750
Merchant sell inv$5,100
Guard22 home $6,900
Squire near$9,150
Warrior9 Jobs $12,525
Sentinel quickswitch$16,050
Paladin glow$21,750
Cheiftain23 home $29,250
Sage $40,500
Elder logout fly$937,500
Regent 15 ah slots$82,500
Crusader $112,500
Warlock $172,500
Guardian rename$262,500
Duke exp$450,000
Earl10 Jobs $660,000
Legend $937,500
Demigod24 home $1,312,500
Immortal ride, shakeitoff$2,250,000
Titan feed$3,450,000
Mythic 25% mcmmo xp$5,100,000

Rank TitleHomes/JobsCommands/Other
Newcomer12 Jobs60% $ Bonus, 30% XP Bonus$0
Peasant $875
Scavenger25 home $1,400
Traveler26 home $2,187
Civilian kittycanon$3,150
Trader27 home $4,375
Merchant28 home $5,950
Guard Disguise: Evoker Fang$8,050
Squire armorstand$10,675
Warrior13 Jobs $14,612
Sentinel29 home $18,725
Paladin top$25,375
Cheiftain heal$34,125
Sage30 home $47,250
Elder Disguise: Primed TNT$68,250
Regent31 home $96,250
Crusader Disguise: Shulker$131,250
Warlock 20 ah slots$201,250
Guardian $306,250
Duke nick format$525,000
Earl walkspeed$770,000
Legend No tp timer$1,093,750
Demigod me$1,531,250
Immortal keep xp$2,625,000
Titan14 Jobs $4,025,000
Mythic -25% mcmmo cd$5,950,000
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