Tickets and how to use them

Tickets or Reports are a way for players to let staff members know they need help. If Staff are busy or not online, players can leave them a ticket requesting assistance!

To make a ticket you much first join Maestrea's Discord server. Use the following command on the towny server to get the invite link: /Discord

Once in the discord, scroll down in the left hand menu until you find the “Support” section. In this section you will find the #tickets channel

In #tickets you can open a new ticket by clicking the envelope icon beneath the category you would like to create the ticket under.

The ticket bot will then open a new channel for you to put your issue in. Be sure to post in the ticket and not the dm sent by ticket bot.

1- Ticket Bot DM (For your record only. Please do not post info here as staff cannot see it)

2- Ticket! Post All info here

3- Ticket Bot will create a ping in the created ticket to alert you.

A new ticket will look similar to this:

1- Your ticket number

2- Close ticket button

3- Confirm close ticket buttons These only appear after you click the close ticket icon.

Be sure to add all relevant information so staff can resolve your ticket as quickly as possible. It is especially important to always include your ign even if you think staff may already know.

After a ticket is closed ticket bot will dm you a transcript of the ticket for your records.

1- Downloadable transcript of your ticket. The number in the file name is the same as your ticket number.

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