The Digger job is based around breaking materials best broken with a shovel (dirt, sand, etc.). You can also make money by smelting sand into glass. This job only pays while breaking block on our resource server.

Worlds: Resource

Pay Actions:

Dig all types and variants of Dirt and Sand, as well as Gravel and Clay.

Smelt Sand into Glass.

Custom Recipes: None

Related McMMo Skills:


Level Bonuses:

Level 10 - 10% McMMO xp boost in excavation.
Level 30 - Excavation Enchant Bonus.
Level 80 - Boosts the success rate for excavation McMMo passive abilities by 33%.

Level 100 Title: Dirty
Level 200 Title: GraveDigger

Other Notes:

Digger only pays in resource as it causes a great deal of grief to terrain. This also means that players need to go to the resource server to get an accurate list of pay actions for Digger.

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