The Trader job allows you to make money from trading in Emeralds and Gems. Gems are obtained from Geodes.

Cut and Infused Gems pay more then uncut gems when turned in.

Worlds: All

Pay Actions:

Trade in Emeralds, Uncut Gems, and Infused Gems.

Cutting Gems using a chisel (seel below)

Custom Recipes: None Applicable

Related McMMo skills: None

Level Bonuses: None

Other Notes:

Use /trader to see cutting and infusion success and failure chances, as well as what you can get from miner drops by breaking meteorite.

Any miner level 15+ can obtain basic geodes while mining. Any miner level 50+ can obtain advanced geodes while mining.

Chiseling is the method of refining a Gem from its Uncut to its Cut state. The higher level your trader job, the higher chance of successfully chiseling. This has a chance of breaking your Chisel and/or your Uncut Gem.

Chiseling Process

  1. It requires a chisel in your offhand and an Uncut Gem in your main hand. (See Custom Crafting Recipes > Utilty for how to craft a chisel)
  2. Left click the gem on any Workbench.

Any Enchanter can Infuse a Gem. However the higher Enchanter level a player is, the higher chance of the infusion succeeding, and less of a chance the Gem will shatter/destroy.

Infusion Process

  1. Take the Cut gem to an Enchanter
  2. Put the Cut Gem in Enchanter's Main Hand
  3. Make sure the Enchanter has at least 1000 Vanilla XP
  4. Have the Enchanter left-click an Enchanting Table with it in hand

Infusing can be performed on up to a stack of Gems at a time, but failure to infuse will cause the whole stack be destroyed. If successful, a random amount of Gems from the stack will be infused while the rest will be destroyed. The chance of success caps at 75%. The chance of failure is capped at 25%. Both of these chances are based on your Enchanter level.

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