Maestrea has 53 Unique Ranks to go through providing a variety of benefits and permission!

Rank Title Homes Jobs Commands/Other Cost
Newcomer1 home2 Jobs1 Backpack Row$0
Serf tpa here, auc$500
Scavenger2 homes trash$700
Wanderer 2 Backpack Rows, t new$1,000
Peasant3 homes ccraft$1,500
Commoner count$2,100
Traveler4 homes 3 Backpack Rows, showitem (player)$3,100
Settler showitem -all$4,600
Citizen5 homes credits$6,700
Trader 3 Jobs4 Backpack Rows$9,500
Merchant6 homes itemfilter$14,500
Squire worth$20,800
Guard7 homes 5 Backpack Rows$31,000
Gladiator bottle get$45,000
Captain8 homes bright$65,000
Musketeer 6 Backpack Rows, nick$92,000
Sentinel9 homes hoppercount$137,000
Knight recipe, workbench$190,000
Commander10 homes4 Jobs7 Backpack Rows$255,000
Paladin up$380,000
Crusader11 homes top$540,000
Inquisitor 8 Backpack Rows, enderchest$800,000
Templar12 homes Silk Spawners$1,150,000
Dragoon me$1,650,000
Chieftain13 homes 9 Backpack Rows,ptime$2,100,000
Warchief fly$2,500,000
Rank Title Homes Jobs Commands/Other Cost
Sage14 homes5 Jobs10 Auction House Slots$2,500,000
Elder condense$2,500,000
Noble15 homes near$2,500,000
Aristocrat 11 Auction House Slots, sell hand$2,500,000
Bishop16 homes sell inv$2,500,000
Curator Nick Color$2,500,000
Royal17 homes 12 Auction House Slots, White Glow$2,500,000
Exarch disenchant$2,500,000
Earl18 homes feed$2,500,000
Duke 6 Jobs13 Auction House Slots, hat$2,500,000
Regent19 homes Nick Formatting$2,500,000
Monarch Quick Switch$2,500,000
Oracle20 homes 14 Auction House Slots, ride, shakeitoff$2,500,000
Fabled Edit Signs$2,500,000
Shade21 homes autosort$2,500,000
Spectre 15 Auction House Slots, heal$2,500,000
Wraith22 homes sun, rain$2,500,000
Fury Armor Stand Editor$2,500,000
Mythic23 homes7 Jobs16 Auction House Slots, Double Elevator Range$2,500,000
Timeless Quick Deposit$2,500,000
Immortal24 homes deposit all$2,500,000
Demigod 17 Auction House Slots, Keep XP$2,500,000
Voidending25 homes walkspeed 1-3$2,500,000
Ethereal Increased MCmmo XP$2,500,000
Ancient26 homes 18 Auction House Slots, Reduced MCmmo CD$2,500,000
Astral 8 jobsflyspeed 1-4$2,500,000
Rank TitleCommandsOtherCost
DivinetptogglePrivate World (or Extension)$25,000,000
pweatherAccess to Hex Nick Colors
bannermakerKeep BP on Death
Access to Vault 5
Prestige Dot Colors
Exclusive Moobloom Pets
Exclusive Trail Mode
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