Reward Blocks

Reward Blocks are a set of special blocks in spawn players can mine for rewards! They have a set number of breaks (ie a set number of times they can be mined) before giving out rewards for the players who are in the top 3 of breaks as well as contribution rewards for everyone who participated past a set amount of breaks (varies by block).

Reward blocks are located at /blocks in spawn.


1st: 4x Crystals.

2nd: 3x Crystals.

3rd: 2x Crystals


1st: 1x Uncommon Key

2nd: 1x Common Key

3rd: 1x Vote Key


1st: 1x Rare Key

2nd: 1x Uncommon Key

3rd: 1x Common Key


1st: 1x Mythic Key + 1x Rare Key

2nd: 2x Rare Key

3rd: 1x Rare Key

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