Guides and Tips

New to the server or want some refreshers? This is the right place to be!

Below are a few guides to help get you started:

First Day Guide

What are the first things to do on Maestrea? Let'd find out!

Easy Guide to Custom Items

What are all these items?

Your First town and the Basics of Town Permissions!

So you're ready to make a town? Let's go over what you need to know!

Getting around - a guide to warps, homes, and more

Let's talk about all the ways to get to and save locations!

Cook Recipe Guide

Want to see a guide to the Cook job and its recipes?

Brew Recipe Guide

Want to see a guide to the Brew job recipes?


Uh oh, you ran into a problem. How do you get staff help?

Check out our Tutorials forum for tons of guides! Click Here!

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