Dungeons is a sub-server connected to the main Towny servers and has completely PvE (Player Vs Entity/Environment) gameplay.

To get to the Dungeons Server you can either visit the warp NPC at /warp dungeontrader (Towny servers) or you can type the command /dungeons to get there instantly from any server!

  • Seven dungeons for you and your friends to conquer for all kinds of loot along with deadly and unique bosses! With more dungeons on the way!
  • Eight monstrous bosses (known as Challenge Bosses) that will put your gear and skill to the test! Not only that they drop some of the best loot possible! You better get some friends for this one!
  • Unique items with powerful skills that either aid you in your fight or give the enemy a real beating! (Note: Special skills only work on Dungeons)
  • Towny loot! That's right! You can also get items to aid you in your progress on the main Towny server!
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