Welcome to the official wiki for Maestrea Skyblock. Much like our server, wiki is constantly changing site, but we try our best to keep the most up-to-date information posted on the wiki for players to read and enjoy. Feel free to browse. Here, you'll find more in-depth information regarding server features, as well as links detailing items which can be found in-game.

While you are browsing all the info we have available about our server, please take note that even on skyblock Duping is Not Allowed.

Skyblock FAQ

Helpful info for playing our Skyblock server

Island Unlocks

What can you unlock for your island?

Island Upgrades

What upgrades are available


How can you earn money on skyblock?


Where do these teeny people come from and what do they do?


Meet all of Our NPCs!

General Tips and Info

Guides and Tips to get you started!

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