The Blacksmith job is based around using McMMo repair to repair items, and also the smelting of ores.

Worlds: All

Pay Actions:

Smelt Iron and Gold

Repair Armor, Tools, and Swords, (Wood, Iron, Gold, Leather, and Diamond)

Custom Recipes: None

Related McMMo Skills:


Level Bonuses:

Level 10 - 10% McMMO xp boost in repair.
Level 50 - Armor enchant bonus.
Level 80 - Weapons Enchant Bonus.


Level 100 Title: Forged
Level 200 Title: Metallic

Other Notes:

The Crusher is tied to the Blacksmith job. Crushing higher item tiers requires a higher blacksmith level, outlined below:

Regular & Pure: No Requirement
Spellbound: Level 15
Legendary & Dungeoneer: Level 30
Eternal & Mythic: Level 50
Arcana & Relic: Level 75

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