The Miner job is based around mining stones and ores for money. You also get paid for smelting stone and breaking some other blocks, too (such as End Stone). This job only pays while breaking block on our resource server.

Worlds: Resource

Pay Actions:

Break all types and variants of Stone (including Diorite, Granite, and Andesite) and Overworld Ore.

Smelt Stone.

Custom Recipes: None

Related McMMo Skills:


Level Bonuses:

Level 10 - 10% McMMO xp boost in mining.
Level 30 - More likely to get excavation when enchanting.
Level 80 - Boosts the success rate for mining McMMO passive abilities by 33%.

Other Notes:

Miner only pays in resource as it causes a great deal of grief to terrain. This also means that players need to go to the resource server to get an accurate list of pay actions for Miner.

Meteorites are great ways for miners to earn money/xp! Check out the Meteorite Page for more info!

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