Lord Varson

Difficulty: Brutal

Max Party Size: 8

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Lord Varson

Health: 12,500
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 35
Damage Modifiers:
+ 20% Melee and Skill Damage Resistance
- 1500% Wither Debuff (Takes 15 damage per second while inflicted with Wither)
[Eternal Flame - Passive] - Nullifies Saturation, Fire Resistance (levels 1 and 2) and Jump Boost buffs. Becomes immune to Poison and Levitation debuffs.
[Born from Fire - Passive] - Completely immune to lava and fire damage. If you fall into the lava you will teleport to the center of the arena, heal 7% of your MAX health, and cast [Incinerate].
[Fiery Armor] - Engulfs yourself in deadly flames that inflicts 6 damage per second to enemies nearby you as well as grants you Resistance II for 10 seconds.
[Royal Reinforcement] - Returns to the throne to summon guards to attack enemies. You will be invincible to all forms of damage for 30 seconds and rejoin afterwards. The enemies spawned depend on your current health. You will not retreat to your throne and continue attacking and this skill will merge with [Shield Pylons] upon using it for the last time.
[Shield Pylons] - Summons 2 Shield Pylons to make your invulnerable to all damage. The health of these pylons will increase every time this skill is used. Will merge with [Royal Reinforcement] the final time this skill is used.
[Incinerate] - Unleashes the power of your eternal flame at all enemies dealing true damage. The damage of this attack increases every time it is used. This attack will also be cast should you fall into lava. Lastly upon casting this attack 7 times, the 8th time will cast [Vaporize] instead and kill all enemies instantly.
[Fire Blast (Phase I only)] - Summons a Fireblaster Projection in the center of the arena that fires 2 volleys of deadly fireballs around it. Each one exploding upon hitting an enemy dealing 18 damage and setting enemies on fire.
[Flame Vent (Phase I only)] - Ventilates the heat coming from the lava into the arena in huge plumes of fire. If an enemy is hit they will be dealt 4 true damage and flung into the air as well as set on fire.
[Spinning Flames (Phase II only)] - Summons a Flamethrower Projection in the center of the arena that unleashes powerful flames that inflict 3 true damage per hit to enemies as well as setting them on fire.
[Missile Rain (Phase II only)] - Calls upon your royal guards to litter the arena with deadly missile strikes. Each missile dealing 30 damage and flinging enemies back who are hit.
[Fire Orbs (Phase II only)] - Summons 2 Fire Orbs to chase down enemies and explode. The explosion deals 5 true damage and sets enemies on fire.
  • Do not push Lord Varson into the arena or risk him using his Incinerate skill to deal damage to your team. This attack will increase in damage every time it is a used and will wipe your team upon the 8th time it is used.
  • Lord Varson has a specific attack cycle he will use with Incinerate always being at the end of this cycle. To interrupt this cycle and stop him from using Incinerate you need to force him to spawn Mob Alliance reinforcements by damaging him enough to hit his health gates. This will stop the cycle and will reset it once he begins to attack again. This doesn't apply for when he summons reinforcements for the 5th time as he will not retreat to his throne and his attack cycle will NOT reset. To make matters worse he will shield himself with pylons as well.
  • Learning to deal with large numbers of beefy enemies is crucial to defeating Lord Varson. Use high amounts of AOE (Area of Effect) attacks like Skull Splitter, Serrated Strikes and Whirlwind (If you have Foam Sword).
  • Most of Varson's attacks can be easily avoided by simply not standing in the center of the arena.

Royal Guard

Health: 1,100
Armor Points: 2
Damage: 20
Damage Modifiers:
+ 2000% damage from falling in lava (Will instantly kill them)
+ 25% extra damage taken from ranged attacks
[Overpower] - Attacks the enemy with an overpowering strike dealing 3 true damage and inflicting Weakness II for 15 seconds and Slowness for 10 seconds.
  • Royal Guards can take down under prepared with relative ease. It is not suggested to have multiple Royal Guards attacking you at the same time as their [Overpower] attacks stack and can kill you quickly.

Royal Archer

Health: 1,000
Armor Points: 0
Damage: Varies
Damage Modifiers:
+ 2000% damage from falling in lava (Will instantly kill them)
+ 25% extra damage taken from melee damage and skills
  • While they are the only Lord Varson minions with no skills. They are considered the most deadly of them specifically because of their high punch enchanted bows which can cause you or your allies to be pushed into the lava around Varson's arena shredding your armor and killing weaker players.

Royal Drone

Health: 1,600
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 10
Damage Modifiers:
- 1000% Wither Debuffs (Takes 10 damage per second while inflicted with Wither)
- 500% Lightning Damage (Takes 5x more damage from lightning)
[Redstone Engineered - Passive] - Becomes immune to lava and fire damage but you become highly vulnerable to wither damage.
[Grapple] - Fires a grappling hook at the enemy in order to pull it closer to you. If successful the enemy will pulled closer to you for a few seconds.
  • Royal Drones are slow and have a good amount of health. What makes them dangerous is that they can grapple you and pull you closer to them and their allies. If one happens to be in lava they can also pull you into the lava with them which could kill you.

Missile Turret

Health: 900
Armor Points: 0
Damage: 0 (only uses special skill)
Damage Modifiers:
- 1000% Wither Debuffs (Takes 10 damage per second while inflicted with Wither)
- 500% Lightning Damage (Takes 5x more damage from lightning)
[Redstone Engineered - Passive] - Becomes immune to lava and fire damage but you become highly vulnerable to wither damage.
[Shield Link - Passive] - Becomes linked to the closest Shield Pylon. If the pylon is destroyed so is the turret.
[Fire Missile] - Fire a missile that will impact the target after 1.5 seconds. Deals 30 damage if the missile successfully hits the target.
  • It is usually a good idea to ignore the Missile Turrets if you are speedrunning Lord Varson but if your team is new to Lord Varson, it is highly suggested to take them out.

Minion Drops

Possible Drops:
- Silver Coin x2-4
- Gold Coin x1-2
- Dungeon Key Fragment x1
- Legendary Essence x1-2
- Transcendent Essence x1
- Crystal x1
- Fragment x1
- Book Of Tomes x1
- Experience Points 18-20
- Royal Sword (Royal Guard only)
- Royal Bow (Royal Archer only)

LordVarson Drops

Potential Rare Drops:
- Enderius The Invincible Challenge Token x1

Guaranteed Drops:
- Dungeon Key Fragment x1
- Flamecore Of Varson x1
- Transcendent Bottle x1
- Experience Points 800-1200

Cache Drop

Possible Drops:
- Flamecore of Varson x1
- Dungeon Key Fragment x2-4
- Health Booster x1
- Silver Coin x35-50
- Gold Coin x15-20
- Mythic Coin x1-3
- Legendary Essence x4-8
- Transcendent Essence x3-7
- Crystal x30-40
- Fragment x1-3
- Soul Gem x10-14
- Light Dust x5-7
- Experience Points 600-800

Possible Rares Drops:
- Axe of Total Annihilation
- Empyrean, Helmet of Vengeance
- [Eternal] Title
- Lord Varson Disguise Token
  • Lord Varson should be defeated as quickly as possible to reduce the likelihood of him using his [Incinerate] skill more than 7 times.
  • Your party should focus on defeating the minions that Lord Varson summons as soon as possible as failure to defeat them could spell trouble as they continue to pile up and overwhelm your party.
  • While Lord Varson lacks an Overpower Mode like other bosses. He makes up for this because [Incinerate] will 1 shot you if he is allowed to cast it enough times.
  • Fire Resistance, Jump Boost and Saturation buffs do not work while Lord Varson is alive.
  • Lord Varson drops a crafting reagent that is needed in a lot of mid-game items like Relic Chisels and Abyssal Steels. Forming an effective farming party is key.
  • Lord Varson was the first Challenge Boss ever created. Followed soon after by The Bone Gang.
  • Lord Varson is considered the main antagonist of the Dungeons server as he is responsible for many things that happen in the lore.
  • There are running jokes in the community that Lord Varson is related to Mr. Info and that he apparently is an admin.
  • Lord Varson's dialogue reveals that he is very narcissistic by what he says. The dialogue often shows him gloating about in may ways that he is better than the humans and villagers he seeks to destroy and how he sees them as mere insects compared to him. This is ironic considering how early in dungeons progression that he is defeated. It is also revealed he has really bad anger issues.
  • Lord Varson's challenge token is currently the ONLY token sold by Shady Trader when he comes around on the Towny Server and is currently the only reliable way to get his token.
  • Lord Varson is a homage to a boss from an old Tribes 2 mod TWM 2 (Total Warfare 2 mod). More specifically Lord Vardison who both bare strikingly similar personalities however completely different boss fights.
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