Relics are a certain tier of gear completely unique to Maestrea. They are handmade from specialized (Maestrea) experts, who dedicate both time and thought into every relic they release. The gear usually gives potion effects, and is the most powerful tier of gear on Maestrea.

Yes, you can find that HERE.

Didn't get good enchantments on your relic? Want a second chance without buying a ton of unopened Relics? There is a solution: Relic Rerolling. Relic Rerolling can be accessed using the Crafter NPC at /spawn, or the command /ccraft. It requires 4 Relic Essence to do. It will take the Relic tier item you are currently holding and reroll all of it's enchantments, and give you whatever it rerolls to. It could be worse, or it could be better.

Charms are a unique type of Relic. They usually aren't a piece of armor/weapon/tool, and are mainly existent for their potion effects. They can be placed on an armor/weapon/tool using a Relic Chisel, which will keep the potion effects on that item forever.

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