On Maestrea, we have our fair share of custom items. Some of those custom items are crafted. You can find the recipes using /ccraft. Here are the items you will see listed in the crafting GUI:

Sky Items are special custom items that drop from specific activities. They are used in crafting recipes and to craft the Skypacks!

Silk is obtained from shearing sheep of all colors.

Dew is obtained from harvesting crops by hand

Soul is obtained from slaying mobs (passive or hostile)

Crystal is obtained from mining ores (including those from ore/cobble generators)

Sap is obtained from chopping logs (Including use of treefeller)

Fish Bone is obtained from fishing

Skypack Essence is obtained from crushing Skypack tools

Open Skypacks for keys, money, tools, loot, and more! Each Skypack has a specific tier tool with varying enchants!

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