The Lumberjack job is based around chopping down trees to make money. It is compatible with McMMo's Tree Feller (at a reduced rate). You also get paid for replanting your farms/planting saplings!

Worlds: All

Pay Actions:

Break any type of Overworld Wood Log, or Stripped Log

Plant any type of Overworld Tree Sapling.

Smelt Charcoal.

Harvest Custom Crops: Apple Tree, Banana Tree, Coconut Tree, Orange Tree, Cherry Tree, Pear Tree, Peach Tree Avocado Tree, Olive Tree, Lemon Tree, Magic Tree, Coffee Bush

Custom Recipes:

Compact Sapling

Related McMMo Skills:


Level Bonuses:

Level 10 - 10% McMMO xp boost in woodcutting.
Level 80 - Boosts the success rate for woodcutting McMMO passive abilities by 33%.

Other Notes:

For more info on custom crops check the Custom Crops Wiki Page!

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